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Getting And Staying Fit Is Less Work And More Fun Using These Fitness Gadgets

Getting and staying in shape is quite the challenge…at least for me it is. But, if you have a few cool little gadgets and programs that boost your morale and keep track of your progress towards personal goals, the boredom and drudgery of keeping fit becomes less boring and tasking. I have experienced these motivational issues in the past, and have found that the gadgets not only provide a great way to keep track of your exercise regimen, but also help to motivate me. Here are a few of the best gadgets I have found, (and use.) Continue reading

Getting And Staying Healthy Gets Easier Using New Devices From Fitbit

fitbit oneStaying healthy and physically active is one of the hardest things to do. Working in an office with a hectic schedule tends to keep me so busy at my desk that I find it hard to make time for the exercise and activities I need, much less keeping track of what I have done. But I recently checked out a system called Fitbit that simplified my health activities. Continue reading