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A Safe And Secure Internet Experience Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune Or Slow You Down

botnets2More than ever you need to be running an anti-virus and anti-malware program. Viruses are everywhere on the internet, and what has become known as “drive-by” infections happen all the time now. But surfing securely and safely isn’t a question of how much money you can spend, it’s a question of how far are you willing to go to protect yourself and family from having your (or their,) identity or data stolen. There are some really good free programs out there, here are a few I use all the time… Continue reading

Let The Games Begin – How Many Will The New “6 Strikes Rule” Chase Away?

privacy3Earlier this week, one of my neighbors asked if I would look at something for him. Though he didn’t know what exactly I did on the internet, he was confident I could help him. He took me to his computer and logged in to his email account and opened an email very similar to the one below. I was horrified. Continue reading

Some Of The Biggest Tech Scams Aren’t Criminal – They Originate From The Retailers

evil villainA subject that is very near and dear to my heart, the technology related scam. But scams don’t always come in the email, or social media, sometimes the scam is right there in front of you, and completely legal in the fact that you will agree to it, often even sign a contract. Extended warranties, insurance, and extra services that are offered are the staple of many tech companies. Here are a few of the more common scams that people fall for… Continue reading