Download Addicts Migrating From Bit Torrents To Usenet

socializingI’m a downloading addict. I love getting movies, television series, software, photos…just whatever I can find to amuse myself. But the recent “6 strikes rules” that at least 5 ISPs are participating in has me a little worried. I do try to avoid copyright infringing, but there is always the off-hand chance that I will get accused.

In my last article said something about using VPNs to hide your activities from nosey people. But when you use a Bit Torrent client a VPN becomes useless. The Bit Torrent client will broadcast your real IP for seeding to other torrent clinets. This can give you away. But there is a solution to all this. Usenet. With Usenet you will get a one-on-one client/server connection that can be as secure as you wish it. And there are millions of downloads, of whatever you want.

easynews logoUsenet started out before even the internet come into being. It started as a social medium for college students to collaborate, exchange ideas, etc., but has evolved into a monstrous social network that has the benefit of file sharing. And downloads are as fast as your connection will allow. There are movies, television series, music, and software galore.

If you are a little intimidated because you have heard that Usenet is complicated, but this is no longer the case. There are now Usenet Providers that have access from the comfort of your internet browser. Usually the retention rate is lower than NNTP access, but many of the same files will be available. Once you are accustomed to using Usenet on the internet, then NNTP access is the way to go. Most Usenet providers have more than 3 years of retention on binaries.

UNR LogoFinding a Usenet Provider can be a little intimidating, but one really cool Usenet Provider review website,, has lots of reviews, tutorials, and news concerning the different Usenet communities. I subscribed to Easynews, (check out their review of Easynew here) they have web based access so I can get more acclimatized, then I can use the unlimited NNTP access…