Getting And Staying Fit Is Less Work And More Fun Using These Fitness Gadgets

Getting and staying in shape is quite the challenge…at least for me it is. But, if you have a few cool little gadgets and programs that boost your morale and keep track of your progress towards personal goals, the boredom and drudgery of keeping fit becomes less boring and tasking. I have experienced these motivational issues in the past, and have found that the gadgets not only provide a great way to keep track of your exercise regimen, but also help to motivate me. Here are a few of the best gadgets I have found, (and use.)

fitbit oneFitbit One

In another article I outlined the Fitbit program. I use the Fitbit One to monitor my daily walking, stair climbing, and sleep. The device also has a vibration alarm that will wake you, but not anyone else that happens to be sleeping nearby. The online program syncs with the Fitbit One and their other digital products, and they have motivational goals and badges on their website. The website support system isn’t just for their digital devices either. Their community is great and encouragement is always there. The cost of the Fitbit One is around $100.

fitbit scaleFitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

The Fitbit Aria scale also aligns with their program. It can handle up to 8 individuals for syncing and updating online accounts. It displays the name of the person, weight, body fat percentage, and BMI. It automatically updates the online account of the person on the scale, and will even tell you if you are in a healthy range with your BMI. The online tracking helps me more easily understand my weight fluctuations. Cost of the scale is around $150.

cyclocomputerSigma SportBC 1909HR Cyclocomputer

I’m a biker, not a runner, and the Fitbit One doesn’t do very well while riding. So in order to keep my Fitbit online account completely correct, I use my Sigma Sport on my road bike. It gives me current and average speeds, distance, heart rate, auto starts and stops, temp, time, and the speedometer will work on 2 wheel sizes. Battery life for the unit is pretty good, mine has lasted more than 6 months with daily use. Cost of this cyclocomputer is around $90.

The devices I have listed in this article are just aides to getting fit and staying in shape. A good diet, regular sleeping schedule, and plenty of exercise is also important to getting and staying fit.