Getting And Staying Healthy Gets Easier Using New Devices From Fitbit

fitbit oneStaying healthy and physically active is one of the hardest things to do. Working in an office with a hectic schedule tends to keep me so busy at my desk that I find it hard to make time for the exercise and activities I need, much less keeping track of what I have done. But I recently checked out a system called Fitbit that simplified my health activities.

Fitbit combines high-tech gadgets with an online program to help you keep track of all of your daily activities. The entire system syncs via Bluetooth and tracking daily progress toward goals on an online account you create. I tried out the Fitbit Aria Smart Scale, and the Fitbit One activity monitor, and found both to be quite helpful towards my weight loss and fitness goals. The Fitbit One monitors steps taken, or stairs climbed, while walking, jogging or running. And though the altimeter is very accurate, it can be fooled. Another down side is that bicycling or similar activities aren’t logged, though there are places for the entries on their website.

fitbit scaleFitbit even tracks your sleeping habits to help you maintain a regular schedule. The Fitbit One was comfortable to wear, and the alarm is a gentile vibration, but has to be set through the website. The alarm is a little difficult to find, it’s in the account settings, and is completely configurable. The Fitbit Aria WiFi scale works great and kept my online account up-to-date where that was concerned. Syncing devices to my online account was easy, and though the device easily fit in my pocket, the clip was secure and I had no fear of losing the device.

Fitbit has other services and programs for people with special needs. Diabetics will be able to track their daily blood sugar levels, caloric intake can be logged, and though activities like biking and swimming are logged by the devices, it would be hard to find another program, with all the same features, that does as well as this one does. The Fitbit One I checked out cost me around $100, and the Aria Wifi Scales almost $150, and though there are a few cheaper alternatives on the fitness market, there aren’t many that are as complete as the Fitbit programs.