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US Border Checkpoint Quick Guide For Traveling Abroad With Digital Devices Part 1 – What To Consider

laptopsLaptops, Tablets, Smart phones, iPads, every digital device that you can think of, is subject to complete search when an person is crossing the US border. And according to the courts, and the concerned agencies, (the DHS, CBP TSA, and ICE) policies, the device can be seized for off-site inspection, copied completely, and invaded legally by their agents. To add insult to injury, the policies on how long the data can be kept, or even how it is used, is convoluted and vague. Keeping sensitive or private data encrypted can add to the suspicion when you are passing through a border checkpoint, and if the agent requests the passwords and decryption keys, and you refuse to hand them over, your day could go south…along with the rest of your trip. Continue reading